4 Websites for Free Graphic Design Resources

December 16, 2015 by Daizy Jain

Ever had to submit a design to the client, with the clock ticking away too fast? What do you do? Will you sit down and start a tedious design process that you know you won’t be able to deliver on time? Or will you use a huge array of online design resources to cut down the time in half and help your client drive their marketing efforts forward? My guess is you’d do the latter.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of four free design resources that may come in handy during a time crunch.

1. Freebiesbug

From PSDs to free stock photos, Freebiesbug has it all. You can even find icon packs, so you don’t have to create all those tiny detailed icons from scratch. Freebiesbug is a great place for resources, which have been hand-picked especially for designers.


2. Psddd

Looking for inspirational UI elements or backgrounds that will make your designs pop?

Psddd has a great collection of wireframes, UI elements, icons and even whole design kits, which you can modify to fit your client’s needs.


3. MockFlow

MockFlow is a cloud-based wireframe mockup software solution designed to let designers perform tasks, design user-interface prototypes for websites and mobile apps, and collaborate with projects in real-time! You can use this platform to show your clients the basic design and get feedback needed to make the necessary changes.
Mockflow Resource


4. Dribbble

Dribbble is a designer community platform that connects millions of designers from all over the world! Its Psddd Shots provide access to designs and mock-ups from the world’s best graphic designers. If you are short of time but need mind-blowing designs to amaze your clients then this is the place to go!

Dribbble design resources

The next time you need to submit designs quickly, use any of the above libraries for free mock-ups, icon packs or even a whole kit. These websites can truly save the day and even provide you with a ton of inspiration for your own designs. If you have a website, that you think beats any of the above, let us know and we’ll be happy to add it to the list of our free design resources.

All set, get ready to design! Also do check out our blog on top 8 Chrome extensions that can make a designer’s job easier!