5 AdWords Tips To Beat The Competition

October 7, 2016 by Sannidhya Baweja

Google AdWords is one of the best platforms to advertise your product. But when the competition is huge, you can’t expect ROI from your ads which are running without the support of proper keyword research and optimized ads. 

You need to customize the settings in order to optimize your clicks, conversion rate or any goal that you set for your campaign.

Let’s look at a few AdWords tips which you can customize according to your business model and digital marketing efforts to amplify the reach of your ads, amongst relevant audience:

Leverage Display Planner

Just like the Keyword Planner for search ads, we have a Display Planner for display ads. It gives you a wide range of sites on the internet where you can place your ad.

For example, if your business sells fitness products like fitness watch, protein shake etc. then you should specifically target health enthusiasts. So the best place to display your ad will be the websites or blogs of fitness professionals as these people are already looking for fitness services.

The Display Planner would automatically offer suggestions from blogs to online community websites where you can place your ad to a highly targeted audience.

Almost all the other settings, such as ad scheduling, location targeting, etc, which are available in the keyword planner are also available here. 


Add Relevant Ad Extensions

There are various ways to make your search ads look appealing enough for a lead/customer to click on. One of them is ad extensions. Adding an explicit call to action invokes a sense of urgency in everyone’s mind and finally leads the customer to your website.

There are a variety of additional extensions that you can use in AdWords like sitelink extensions, call extensions, location extensions etc.

Suppose you are a plumber in Brooklyn, New York, and want people to directly call you, or visit your store, for any plumbing related problem in the area. You can advertise yourself using AdWords, where you can use the call extension or location extension. So instead of going to your site and searching for your contact number or your address, customers can directly reach you from the search results. This will help you track the number of conversions that happened because of Google AdWords.

Call extension adwords tips

Keep Your Campaigns Organized

In order to improve your ad rankings, you need to have a well structured and organized campaign to improve the relevance. Quality score is an important factor to improve ad rankings. 

In a campaign, we can have various ad groups focussing on various keywords. Now, Google advises having anything between 5 to 20 keywords in an ad group. While selecting these keywords one has to keep in mind that all the keywords should be almost similar to each other. This will help Google draw a clear picture of your target searches and audience.

For example, if you are running a campaign for children’s dresses then try to keep the keywords like infant clothing and baby clothing and baby dresses will be in the same ad group; while baby clothing and infant clothing would be in two different ad groups, to keep the campaign organized.

Regular Checkup

In the B2B segment,  it becomes really important to check the campaign report daily because the bids involved are very high. This is because, if your ads are being displayed on the wrong keywords, you spend a lot of money with no leads to show for it. So you need to regularly check the searches on which your ad is appearing.

And if you find any keywords which would not produce viable customers, immediately add them to the negative keywords list.

For instance, if your company is a drupal development organization and your ads start appearing for other CMS searches like WordPress or Joomla, then the best way to avoid this will be to add WordPress and Joomla as negative keywords.

Targeting through Email IDs

If you are a large B2B company, this is one of the AdWords tips that is going to save you a lot of money.

B2B keywords are competitive, and spending money on even one keyword can be very expensive. In that case, you would want each and every click to be of some value. All we need is a feature through which we can target our ads only to a certain group of people!

Companies often have a database of their potential customers for newsletters and email campaigns. And targeting your ads at just this group of people would escalate your ROI.

For example: Let’s say you are the owner of a company that installs CCTV cameras. So you would have a list of people who have recently opened up a showroom or built an apartment, or an enterprise office. Making your ads visible to specifically these people can increase your ROI as you know that they specifically need your product.

Word Stream has an ultimate guide on how to market targeted audience, which will help you implement this step by step.

Quick Tip: You can exclusively focus on the members on your list by choosing ‘Focus and Bid’. and also you can focus on these as well as the normal audiences through ‘Bid only’.

remarketing adwords tips

I hope these AdWords tips help you improve your ROI from your next campaign. And if I missed out on some good AdWords tips and tricks that you use, please let me know in the comments below. Would love to hear your take on this.

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