8 Quotes on Our Learnings and Experiences at Niswey!

December 20, 2015 by Rajat Taneja

“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.”
― Charles Bukowski

After having launched Monday Maxims in July this year, we thought why not start with our own set of maxims. Weekly quotes describing our learnings and experiences at Niswey.
After some quick considerations for the name of the series — including Thursday Takeways and Niswey Nuggets — Suma came up with the perfect name: Niswey Nibbles.
Though we’re yet to launch the website page with the complete feed, we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing some of the best with you, this Christmas.
So here are 8 Niswey Nibbles we think you’d love!








Hungry for more? Here are all Niswey Nibbles till date. Merry Christmas!