What are Account Based Marketing Tactics?

September 28, 2017 by Niswey
  • Information on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics are discussed below. Check out some details related to account-based marketing strategies  followed by marketers. Also find out how account-based marketing companies implement different processes to generate leads.

The first step in account-based marketing tactics is to create the strategic framework, followed by a planning workshop. Proper research is required in order to build a complete structure of any organization or company. To achieve account-specific goals, build a plan in order to design existing corporate activities. Next, follow and execute a plan with the help of marketing and sales teams. The last step is to review the value of sales, coverage of communication in the account, and revenue in the sales pipeline.

What are the various processes for designing an Account Based Marketing (ABM) framework?

Selection of account includes opportunity sizing as well as propensity modelling. Planning and insight includes account research and profiling. Messaging and propositions includes account vision and propositions. Communication and content includes marketing communications, content, and digital media, while execution and engagement include campaigns, events, and seminars.

What are the examples of ABM strategies in marketing?

  • Digital account-based marketing tactics: Social Media or Social Ads, IP-based Ads, LinkedIn, Web personalization and re-targeting
  • Outbound ABM tactics: Email, Phone, Social, Outsource/In-source and Dimensional mailer /Direct Mail
  • Events ABM tactics: Owned events, Partner events, and Third-party events.
  • Account-based marketing tactics used by marketers: Event planning, Funnel and pipeline review, Regular planning meetings with sales, Sales enablement and list building.

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