Anna Kendrick and Social Media at INBOUND16

November 11, 2016 by Daizy Jain

The gorgeous and amazingly talented Anna Kendrick took to the INBOUND16 stage to discuss how social media has had an impact on her life. Anna has starred in movies such as the Pitch Perfect franchise, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Into the Woods, and a string of other fabulous performances in various movies. She also sang the multi-platinum song Cups from the first Pitch Perfect. Along with being a talented performer, she has also penned down a collection of hilarious autobiographical essays in her book Scrappy Little Nobody.

Needless to say, Anna Kendrick’s Spotlight Session was one of the most awaited of sessions in INBOUND16.

Anna provided the some great insights on life and how everything will eventually be okay. Even if you have a little self-doubt, it is okay.

She even stated that one of the most important qualities a person can have is to be genuinely organic because people can smell the fake on you. People won’t relate to something that is obviously done for marketing purposes because it becomes sanctioned, which takes away a major part of the genuinity.

You can catch a small glimpse of the Spotlight session in a live interview done on Facebook.

Before you head out, here are a few snippets from the Spotlight session. 

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