Bust Through LinkedIn Myths and Generate Leads

November 10, 2016 by Deepak Bisht

Viveka Von Rosen is rightly called @LinkedInExpert . In her INBOUND16 session, she busted some common LinkedIn myths and provided some great tips on using the platform to generate amazing leads. Here’s a quick recap of her session.
She started with an announcement most marketers and salespeople didn’t know about:

And, then she asked for some analysis that will help you decide whether LinkedIn is the channel for you or not.

Wondering if there’s something called social selling, and if there is, then does it really work? She’s got you covered:

She busted common LinkedIn myths like “If you build it, they will come”, “LinkedIn is full of Spammers” and falling value of Publisher notes through some real stories. She emphasized on making the effort to create and promote content to build KLT factor.
Wait, what? KLT? What’s that?

So far, so good. But then she started giving tips to nail LinkedIn for lead generation, and boy she was on fire! Here are a few we picked up:

Some tips were ‘ninja’ tips. Like this one:

With all these tips in your arsenal, you must be looking to unleash. But, you can add a few more by reading about some other awesome sessions at INBOUND16.