Closing the Skills Gap: How to Cultivate Your Inbound Marketing & Sales Workforce

November 11, 2016 by Akhil Saxena

One of the biggest challenges that has hindered the digital transformation of companies is the lack of digital skills among their employees. Nate Riggs addressed this problem in his INBOUND 2016 session.

His approach to create a large pool of skilled inbound marketers is to start training students in the local universities/colleges.

Nate started with some statistics that left everyone quite worried about this situation in the industry.

Then he moved on to how you can close the skills gaps from leading the conversation at the local university. The way forward starts from addressing the inbound need and culminates at making smooth transition for students, who can then seamlessly fit into your agency’s culture.

Students’ transition is not easy, but Nate showed how to do it effectively.

When you are creating something, you have to lead from the front, constantly remain engaged, and guide at every step. And that’s exactly what Nate said.

It takes a lot of skills at your end before you start bridging the skills gap, and the best people to take on such a mission are the T-shaped people. They are the ones who have deep expertise in their subjects and at the same time, are evolving with knowledge and experience of other related subjects.

Now it’s time for us to take a cue from Nate’s presentation and start building a skilled workforce of inbound marketers.

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