Clutch featured us as a Digital Marketing Leader

January 24, 2017 by Deepak Bisht

We’re happy, pleased, satisfied and yeah, excited to announce that we are now featured on Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews site that identifies leading design, development, and marketing service providers.

Clutch distinguished us as a leader in the digital marketing, as well as in their email marketing segment.

Clutch reviews hundreds of agencies in the digital marketing space based on various criteria, such as past experience, industry recognition, and services offered. More importantly, their analysis of our company doesn’t only come from these metrics, but also from what our customers have to say about our work!

Here are some of the things Clutch found out about Niswey in their interviews with our clients:

One client, the Co-Founder of a sales enablement agency in Germany, stated:

“Niswey has accelerated our sales cycle and produced extensive content. We have been able to reduce that cycle from three weeks to two.”

He also added, “Niswey took a deep interest in the entire development, planning, and execution processes. They were proactively involved and responded to our feedback.

Niswey had a roadmap and timeline, for which our expectations were managed accordingly.

As with all projects, timelines can be delayed, but Niswey was diligent in following up with us.”

One of our other client, the Head of Sales Solutions at Srijan Technologies, said:

“We have been with them for several years, so that speaks to their success. They largely work with the sales team and the founder. Lead generation is measured every month, and we have seen monthly improvements, so we have no problems with that. Moreover, the quality of the content they create is good and meets our standards. They are independent and understand what needs to be done.”

We couldn’t be happier about being featured in Clutch as a digital marketing leader, which shows the emphasis we put on client success and satisfaction. For more information, check out our Clutch profile and reviews.

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