Conversion Optimization without Surveys!

September 29, 2017 by Deepak Bisht

‘Survey Stink!’
Yeah, that was the partial title of Justin Trondeau’s INBOUND 17 session where he talked about conversion optimization without relying on customer surveys. As the title suggests, Justin is not a big fan of surveys and as he announced his session, he explained that survey hurts business.

He classified survey data as “active user data”. It means that your data collection users are aware of the fact that they are being observed. And that, he explained, is the biggest shortcoming of surveys or with active user data in general. Because what people report is ideal self and not the actual self.

Another problem Justin pointed out is that people themselves are not aware of what they want.

He borrowed validation for his argument from Dr. Howard Moskowitz, the man who transformed the way the food industry thinks about marketing.

The best part of his presentation was when he gave handy tips to analyze the data our heat mapping tools generate. We all have struggled with that!

And those who missed the session and didn’t know that we’ll be covering it were shattered!

Also, Justin has written a full blog post on CRO without the help of survey, which you can check out if you are as curious about conversion optimization as I am.

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