Cultural Fit with Niswey: Part II

November 9, 2015 by Rajat Taneja

The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.” ― Martha Stewart

While the first edition of CFWN highlighted the importance of finding the right cultural fit for yourself, this one’s more about the other part in the title i.e. Niswey.

Initially, I thought the word Niswey was coined from yes and win, but it’s actually a word from the Na’Vi language (created for the movie Avatar). Niswey means optimally, the best.

Why attach ‘optimal’ to something already tagged as the best? Because it’s much more than an attachment. Yes, all Knowizards are selected because of the passion in their respective fields. However, you don’t need motivation to give your best to something you love. You need efficiency.


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It’s not just about finishing your tasks at the end of the day. It’s about being able to manage everything that goes around besides your work, and improvising on almost every task that you did the previous day all in a day’s time. Every startup works dynamically, and every digital marketing agency handles a lot of brands online, making things even more dynamic.

There is no room for procrastination.

For eg: If you’re a social media marketer making ads or promoting a webinar on Facebook/LinkedIn, then you need to adapt to every small change made to the social network, and adapt quickly. As Abhinav once said: ‘Being in the digital space, we have to accept that everyday something new will come up. Once that mindset is built, half the job is already done.’

Talking of halves, the other things at Niswey include goals setting session and reviews, personal development sessions, analytics hackathons, trips to amazing places like Camp Roxx and Lansdowne, and exciting week-long coverages of global marketing events.

Besides our love for writing content, we strive to leverage analytics to improvise our content strategies. Our previous Analytics Hackathon gifted us with an amazing insight:

A lot of people reading our website blog are movie buffs. So we started blogging on our favorite movies and web series.

Personally, I feel content writing is a great way to note down things forever. When you read your own blog six months later, it’s like being exposed to your previous idea in a new way.

You also realize how far you’ve come.

Blog writing can also include checklists, photoblogs or even a short dialogue.

Things get more exciting when everyone motivates each other to contribute to employee generated content. And these collaborations don’t just end at writing content, but anything you can think of ― even hiring posts.

These ideas and collaborations can only find their way to execution if you’re the most productive version of yourself, everyday. Planning the next week and improvising everyday remains the top priority. Beginning the day with the most difficult task helps you spend your best energies on it, instead of emails and subsidiary tasks. Otherwise, you may not even realize why your performance isn’t up to mark, despite the same number of working hours devoted.

At Niswey, you’re not an employee. You’re an investment. People with potential are given the right roles and the chance to grab the perfect opportunities. This also explains our love for intrapreneurs.

ROI-driven marketing isn’t just valid for clients but to each of us at Niswey. The return on investment is our success in life, instead of just getting more efficient at finishing our tasks well.

One of your life’s most important lessons you’ll learn at Niswey would be the ability to rewire your brain. It’s not about how much you can do today, but about how much you’re willing to agree on your mistakes and improve yourself to be able to move mountains in life.

Probably, Niswey is about yes and win.

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