Daniel Pink’s INBOUND15 Keynote

September 12, 2015 by Suma EP

Daniel Pink’s was the final keynote at INBOUND15. Many were sorry that they missed his talk as they had flights to catch. While many waited eagerly for it, calling it #bestforlast!

As Paul Simon’s music played at the venue, and people posted pics, you could feel the excitement all the way across the globe here in Delhi.

And then it began.

We sell all the time, Daniel Pink said.

  What are the words you think of, when you say Sales?

  But this word cloud describes what it feels to be a buyer in a world of information assymetry.

  That’s changing. “It is a very different world,” said Pink.

Now the seller has to beware. And this has fundamentally different rules from the ‘buyer beware’ scenario. The Always Be Closing paradigm has moved to Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity.

Attunement is about being empathetic. Buoyancy is about being able to stay afloat even after facing an ocean of rejection. Clarity is about curating information and being able to separate signal from noise.

And now the role of sales is changing. And so is the personality type needed for sales. And you don’t need to change your personality to succeed at sales: become more of yourself, become more of an expert! From giving yourself a pep talk before your big pitch, have an interrogative talk. Can you do this? If so, how? Be like Bob the Builder! ??

Too much weight is given to customer disposition, and not enough to context.

Make it easy for people.

 The purpose of the pitch is not to sell, but to invite people into a conversation.

  And he showed the perfect pitch by giving a template, and showed Pixar’s pitch for Finding Nemo!

And that brought us to the end of a fabulous INBOUND15! Here are some other sessions we curated.