How Effective is Inbound Marketing

June 30, 2017 by Daizy Jain

“B2B companies that blog only 1-2x/month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog.” – HubSpot

Take a moment and think about how your past week has been. Have you gotten calls from telemarketers, or have you visited a website and were bombarded with pop-up ads? In most cases, the answer to both those scenarios is a yes.

That is intrusive marketing. You didn’t want some person calling you up and talking to you about an insurance policy. You didn’t want to see an ad pop-up while you were trying to read an article. Intrusive marketing methods tend to break your flow and create an obstruction between you and what you really wanted to do.

In today’s scenario, we all know that customers do not like intrusive methods of marketing. Meaning if a customer wants your product, they’ll come get it themselves. However, for customers to find your product, you need to be visible. This is where Inbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing Services come in.

A basic fundamental of Inbound Marketing is creating valuable content. Content that your customers genuinely find helpful. Publishing content that helps your customers can go a long way in building trust in your brand. Thus, when a customer reaches the decision stage in their buyer’s journey, your brand could very well be on the top of their mind.

How Effective is Inbound Marketing

The power of Content: According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of business decision makers favor getting brand information via an article series more than ads. Meaning a customer is more likely to read through your blog posts than click on your ad to find out about your brand. To help your customer get to your articles, just make sure you’re promoting them on social media platforms relevant to your customers.

In one of our own success stories, Niswey decided to up their content game and produced 30+ stories within a period of 6 months. During those 6 months, we were able to increase traffic by 70% and increase our leads by 600%! Just by creating helpful content, we not only increased our traffic but also generated a greater number of leads.


Cost Effective: Inbound Marketing is effective in terms of lead generation while being cost effective. According to research, the cost between Inbound Marketing and Traditional Marketing is massive. If we were to take out an annual median cost of both Inbound and Traditional marketing; Inbound marketing costs up to $280,308, whereas, Traditional marketing costs a whopping $53,201,210.

One of the reasons Inbound Marketing solutions are cost effective is because of the wide array of free tools you can use. Tools that can automate processes, so you can spend more time strategizing for your business.

One simple Inbound Marketing trick can be through effective email marketing campaigns. There are plenty of free tools that help automate your email marketing efforts. One such tool is Mailchimp. A client of ours needed to increase their sales team’s efficiency. The client was already running a PPC campaign, however, they were having trouble closing deals. We worked alongside their sales team and identified content that their customers would find relevant to their needs. Keeping this in mind, we created an email drip campaign. Through the company’s Mailchimp account, we sent out emails with relevant content for their customers.

Through this exercise, the sales team was able to narrow down 40% of their database and focus their energies on those prospects. Using tools such as Mailchimp for effective email marketing can be cost effective, and help you convert lukewarm prospects into loyal customers.

Greater ROI: As a person focused on their business, you’d want to see results for your efforts. Indeed, Inbound Marketing solutions take its time to bring in results, however, they are a lot more targeted than intrusive marketing methods.

According to CMO by Adobe, globally, 41% of marketers confirm inbound produces measurable ROI and 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their Inbound Marketing. Making certain changes in your website’s SEO can also drive results for your brand.

Working with a start-up made us realize the true potential of SEO. Just by making SEO changes, we were able to increase impressions by 774% and increase clicks by 661% in just a month’s time! How this helps is that it makes your brand a lot more visible than it was before. Hence, increasing your chances of conversion without spending an exorbitant sum on advertising.

Inbound Marketing might seem ineffective if you’re looking for short-term results. However, when executed properly, Inbound Marketing solutions can produce results that last long and are valuable to your business.

Here are some statistics collated by Invesp to help you understand just how effective Inbound Marketing can be:

effective inbound marketing
Infographic by- Invesp Consulting