Eureka! I have an idea!

January 25, 2016 by Akhil Saxena

“We are the marketing partner for DrupalCon Asia,” said Suma while breaking into a jig. She usually does that at every piece of good news, and it fills our office space with smiles.

“Akhil, you will be writing all the blogs and comics.” The sweet dancing lady suddenly turned into Professor Dumbledore. I wasn’t smiling anymore!

“Alright,” I gulped while looking at the number of blogs to be done!

DrupalCon, the biggest conference for all Drupal developers was coming to Asia for the first time, and they had selected Niswey as their regional marketing partner. A major part of our responsibilities was to provide them with fresh and creative content.

When you get an assignment to write such content, you know you are not writing a piece entirely based on research and inputs from different people. It is going to be something that has never been written before. So it needs a lot of Eureka moments.

Here we needed 12 Eureka moments. We neither have a tub in our office nor do we have the liberty to lie naked and think. I so envy Archimedes!

While writing the first blog on “What can people  experience when they come to Mumbai for DrupalCon”, I started with the same approach of doing research on the Internet. I was getting some pointers, but ultimately I was just rephrasing them. There wasn’t any new idea. I was unhappy.

Then I got thinking. What would a crazy colleague of mine like to do in Mumbai? How would a sober guy like to unwind when in Mumbai? I tried to put myself into each of my colleagues’ shoes, while scanning them one by one.

Eureka! I have an idea!

I figured that each of them is different and has their unique way to chill out. I just needed to provide each of them different options for travel, food, booze and fun.

Where a film freak would be satisfied by tips on celebrity house spotting and Film City, a laid back guy just need information on beaches to chill out at.

The blog was written and sent to the DrupalCon Asia team. They loved it, and Suma did her little jig again!

What’s next? A comic! By now, everyone in the team was having their own Eureka moments. Nilanjana made some never-seen-before characters, and Daizy designed a perfect comic to match the dialogues and characters. This one also got rave reviews from the client. Wow.

Now, DrupalCon Asia is just around the corner and we are almost done with all the blogs, comics and graphics. The client team has appreciated our work. But it’s the Eureka moments that gave us a bigger high than any reward!

So what’s next? We are waiting for more Eureka moments and Suma to do another jig.