How to Expand Your Firm by Narrowing Your Focus

November 12, 2016 by Akhil Saxena

If there was one session which all agencies and business owners were eagerly looking forward to, it was Tim Williams’ session at INBOUND 2016. Tim talked about that to expand your firm, serving more industry verticals is the wrong model. It’s the narrow approach that has made some of the brands successful today.

Now before you equate narrow with small, consider the example of a company which kept its business strategy “narrow” by serving only coffee and has today become a brand that only few others can match. That company is Starbucks.

We have got few insights from Tim’s session for you.
As Tim started explaining the importance of choices, it reminded me of a quote from Stela Adler “In your choices lies your talent”. This holds true for everything in life, and Tim defined it masterfully for the companies.

Often companies decide what they stand for. But to narrow your focus there is one thing that is equally important.

Because in this highly competitive environment, you must be unique.

Finally, when you decide what you have to do and your stand on the positioning, the only thing that is required is laser sharp focus.

It was indeed a great session, and we at Niswey cannot agree more with Tim’s approach. We have imbibed it both in our culture and business positioning – narrow focus to deliver great value.
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