Our First Goals Session in 2016

January 9, 2016 by Nilanjana Dey

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” -Tony Robbins

Every January, people get busy making a list of resolutions, stuff to achieve during the year.

At Niswey too, we got together to list out our goals for 2016. The only difference is that, unlike a lot of other people, we Knowizards have an awesome team constantly rooting for each other.

Our goal setting session went something like this. Each one of us first took stock of the goals we achieved and the ones we missed in the past year. We also shared with the team everything that we learnt, in the pursuit of our goals. If we missed a goal, we tried to figure out why that happened. The team pitched in with ideas about how we could reach that goal this year.

Once we had taken stock of the year gone by, we were ready to start afresh. We had new goals, aspirations to better ourselves both within and outside of work. What makes these sessions unique is that our goals are all on a shared sheet, letting us know who is aiming for what. This makes us more accountable and motivated to achieve our goals. We also take care to break down our goals into actionable bits, smaller fragments that we can complete every few months. This not only keeps us engaged and on track, but also gives a sense of achievement that makes us pursue our goals with greater excitement.

What you have got to love is that our goal sessions are an open affair. People who have worked with us in the past are always invited to these sessions. We can also bring in members of our family, if they are willing to participate. This year, we had Charu, Dhiraj’s better half, join us for our first session of the year. We are really glad that she had a motivating and purposeful experience with us.

What made the day special was the visualisation session by Suma. It revolved around learning to actually believe in your success; being able to see it, touch it, taste it! She led us through an exercise where we describe our goals in the greatest detail, accept our success as a foregone conclusion. At the end, we were left completely overwhelmed and room was just buzzing with positive energy.

No session at Niswey is complete without some guilty pleasures. The day ended with a tub of Belgian Chocolate ice cream, forks scooping up chunks of frozen delight even as the Delhi winter settled around us.