#FlipMyFunnel: #CustomerCenteredCentricObsessed

August 9, 2018 by Suma EP

This year’s #FlipMyFunnel won hearts with its keynote speakers making it all about being ‘Human’. Marketo’s Chief Growth Officer, Jill Rowley did the closing keynote with her talk about being customer obsessed. And the excitement around the last talk was no less compared to the first!

The audience applauded as she claimed, “I am a salesperson trapped in a marketer’s body.”

She went on to say that sales and marketing alignment in this day is not enough. “We have to be a little of each.”

But we now need to be customer obsessed, she said.

And then she dropped the bomb!

And went on to share that the new model of sales exists at the cusp of social networks, education and engagement.

Because no one wants to be ‘farmed’!

Look at your prospects as future advocates, she said. But one must earn the advocacy.

Maintaining a balance of science and sincerity in sales is the key.

And what should the sales people do?

You have to earn the right to sell. Earn the right for the buyer to invest time with you. Have a customer centric framework.

And that’s a wrap!

Cheers to #FlipMyFunnel 2018 for an amazing event!