#FlipMyFunnel: Multichannel ABM & Personalization at Scale with Behavioral Data

August 8, 2018 by Deepak Bisht

The buyer journey evolved with the advent of multiple platforms, channels, and devices. This evolution dramatically affected B2B businesses because of the inherently longer purchase cycles. Delivering cohesive experiences across channels, platforms, and devices which ensure that your leads constantly move down the funnel is one hell of a task.

Enter ABM! – An approach to B2B marketing which is inherently multichannel and focused enough to deliver personalized experiences. But scaling up the ABM approach without being robotic and impersonal is one of the biggest challenges for organizations. Catina Martinez of PluralSight and Daniel Gaugler of PFL shared how they solved it for their organizations using Behavioral data.

Catina shared how she used personas to bring scalability and defined interactions across multiple touchpoints to ensure a cohesive nurturing path.


Finally, she rounded off with the overarching theme of #FlipMyFunnel.

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