#FlipMyFunnel: Sangram Vajre on The Authenticity Curve

August 8, 2018 by Suma EP

The excitement was palpable at #FlipMyFunnel’s event at Boston, Humanizing B2B.

With attendees sharing photos of the venue, their badges, and their excitement, you could tell this was a much awaited event.

After Nikki Nixon, Director of #FMF set the agenda for the day, it was time for Sangram Vajre, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist, Terminus, to take the stage, and take over Boston.

And if you had any doubts about it, he started off by saying, “ABM is hard!” Breathe easy now, ABMers! That is the brutal truth!

If any of us marketers had any misconceptions left, he quickly razed them to the ground.

But if you were going to consider ABM to be a fad, he razed that idea to the ground too.

Because ABM is B2B. And it is authenticity based as well.

And a strategy for faster growth.

But one size doesn’t fit all!

What’s the future of B2B marketing? Authenticity (which is one of our favourite words at Niswey!)

But it needs a change of mindset.

There’s just one team, not two!

And it’s about creating a community by being authentic. Sangram wondered how many people bring their IT and customer success teams to events, and not just their sales team. That’s when you create authenticity.

So the question now is:

Sangram defined authenticity as looking in the mirror and being able to be proud of what you say and do.

And then he invited the ABMie award winners to share what Authenticity meant to them. Great way to end the session which put the Human back into B2B Marketing.