How To Crush SEO In 2020 – By Tom Shapiro

September 29, 2017 by Deepak Bisht
Tom Shapiro, the founder of Stratabeat and author of ‘Rethink Your Marketing ’ talked about the future of SEO in his INBOUND17 session. He talked about how the search landscape is changing, and how other areas of innovation will drastically impact SEO as we know it today.

So, what is it he said that left the audience so motivated?

He maintained that search is going to be one of the key factors that drive your entire marketing strategy. But what’s going to change is the way we search. From changing devices to the rise of contextualized searches based on device, location, and purchase history; IoT is going to have a huge impact on the future of SEO.

Naturally, the way we are able to leverage Google search is also going to change. And that is when he talked about featured snippets and how they are changing the SEO game.

Google is always on the lookout to improve the user experience. As such, it wants to rank sites and links that meet the users’ needs. Consequently, Google has started focusing on what happens after a user has clicked on a link. How soon do they exit? Do they move on to the second page of the search results?

So the post-click activity is fast becoming a big factor driving Google rankings.

However, search is not going to be all about Google anymore. There’s going to be Amazon, Youtube, Bing and other platforms that people are increasingly turning to, to find what they need.

As always, someone was at hand to make a quick recap of the session with their neat note-taking skills!

There was definitely a lot to learn at this session. In fact, so much so that Tom had to do an encore.

So, that was the quick recap of Tom Shapiro’s ‘How to Crush SEO in 2020’ session.

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