How Niswey Became the Digital Marketing Partner of DrupalCon Asia

January 20, 2016 by Suma EP

In 2011, Niswey’s client Srijan led the efforts to conduct the first ever DrupalCamp in Delhi.

The event had Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, himself coming for the keynote.

Niswey, led by Abhinav, was part of the organizing and marketing team for the event.

In one of the conversations following the success of the Camp, Abhinav said, in his usual no-nonsense style, “We should get DrupalCon to India.” For those who don’t know, DrupalCon is the global Drupal community event held thrice a year in North America, Europe and a third region.

Rahul Dewan, Founder, Srijan, listened to Abhinav. But he knew that a DrupalCon in India was still a long way away. He had more immediate things to focus on: building his company, and the Drupal community in India.

Under Abhinav’s leadership, Niswey went about handling Srijan’s online marketing, and supported Srijan’s team in their offline marketing efforts. Srijan has spearheaded DrupalCamp Delhi every year since then. In 2011, just over 50 people attended the Camp; the last Camp in 2015 saw registrations crossing 1200 people. Srijan is also a sponsor for Drupal Camps across the country, and many across the globe. And a regular participant and often a sponsor at DrupalCons. At Rahul’s behest, Niswey launched Srijan Wednesday Webinars, a community building initiative for the company.

Back in 2011, Srijan was a 40-people company. Today, it is Asia’s largest Drupal company. In these four years, Niswey has seen the Drupal community grow significantly in India, and gaining recognition across the world. And that fills us with pride. Isn’t it strange how that happenswe are not a Drupal company, but when Srijan’s people shine at Drupal events around the world, or when the latest version of Drupal is launched, we are equally excited as anyone at Srijan is. And that shows up in our tweets and blogs. We call this customer oneness at Niswey.

Late 2014, we started hearing about India being considered for a DrupalCon. And Abhinav turned to Rahul and said, “It’s happening, what we said back in 2011!” Rahul smiled, and quietly went back to work.

Rahul simply focused on his vision, and kept doing the next right thing for the community, for his company. And he expected us to do the same, for the job he had given us. And when we looked up, years had passed. And now, we are looking at the first ever DrupalCon in Asia to be held in Mumbai, India in Feb 2016!

Since Niswey was active in the Drupal community organizing webinars and DrupalCamp Delhi, it was only natural for us to ask Drupal Association if we could be their online marketing partner. After they conducted an evaluation, they agreed. Niswey became the digital marketing partner for DrupalCon Asia. And we have been having such fun creating content in anticipation for the event. You can catch some of our blogs and comic strips here.

It fills us up with pride when we look back on this journey. That we have clients that have a vision not just for their company, but for the community as well. That we are part of their growth. That we are part of something much bigger than us.