INBOUND 2018: How to Think Like a Journalist and Create Better Brand Stories

September 5, 2018 by Simran Sakshi

The house was packed to attend the Inbound 2018 session by Melanie Deziel, Founder of StoryFuel. Just like the attendees, we too couldn’t wait for the session to start!

The talk was about how to create better brand stories for businesses. Melanie Deziel suggests marketers to think like journalists and how!

Brand focused stories is what can make a brand soar. This requires skills similar to a journalist’s techniques of holding the powerful accountable.

And for a story to be popular, marketers need to have something at stake!

Here’s her advice on how to create a truly excellent brand content:

A good story for us marketing folks should be focused on TRUTH:

  • Teach: Bring something new to the user
  • Reputable sources: be gathered from people qualified to talk about the subject
  • Unique: offer something – information, perspective, analysis – that’s not available elsewhere
  • Tension: make sure there’s something at stake, something to lose
  • Human Connect: Appeal to an emotion and not just the logical instincts

The rules are the same for a great storytelling!  “Touch hearts and create conversations!!”

And of course, the human connection! The story needs to be of a true person.

And focused on the audience needs. Always create stories that put your audience first!

The session ended with this key takeaway. Needless to say, a very useful session for marketers to put to practice!

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