Enroll More Students, Faster with HubSpot WhatsApp for Universities

April 23, 2020 by Anoushka Mudgil

WhatsApp has become the primary communication tool for people across the world. And especially so for students who use it regularly to interact with peers and teachers alike. As such, it is an essential platform that can be used by your university’s marketing team to reach out to prospective students.

And as the head of this team, you might be using your HubSpot account to gain visibility to the emails being sent to prospective students, and the calls being made. And you know exactly how many are in each of your lead stages. But once the conversation moves to WhatsApp, how do you ensure having the same visibility? 

You simply might not get to know what is happening with a prospect unless you speak to your counsellor or sales-people. And if someone from your team leaves, all those WhatsApp conversations go with them too!

But what if the WhatsApp conversations could also be made visible in HubSpot?

Then you’d know the status of every lead, and be able to track their conversations right from within HubSpot. What would that mean for your college or university?

For a university in Mexico, it meant faster sales cycles. So fast that they hit their yearly target within a short span of being able to get their WhatsApp visibility within HubSpot.

Welcome to the HubSpot WhatsApp Integration!

Here is what can you do with it:

Enroll More Students

Since you can have super fast communication with students over WhatsApp, it shortens your sales cycles. Also, sending them the information on-time keeps them from losing interest in your programs. HubSpot WhatsApp for universities thereby increases the ratio of students enrolled to the students targeted. 

Also, thanks to the “Forward” option in WhatsApp, they can easily share your content, such as program information, with their friends, families, and classmates. And, most of the students are part of their school or college WhatsApp groups. Therefore, when they recommend your institution in those groups, it generates a large number of leads. And it further builds your university’s reputation.

hubspot whatsapp for universities

Find out more about how the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration tool helped Anahuac Mayab University achieve their sales targets for 2020!

Brand Awareness

Most of your target audience, students, are using smartphones; and they prefer WhatsApp over emails for communication. Hence, you can use HubSpot+WhatsApp integration to generate brand awareness of your educational institution. 

You can also share content such as information about programs, pictures of your campus, videos of cultural activities, and testimonials of students and alumni with interested prospects by using HubSpot WhatsApp for universities.

Of course, you can do it with your website or through email as well, but it is not as impactful as with WhatsApp. 

For instance, a student asked about the ambience of your campus. But, they checked your email after many days, and they are not as interested in the campus outlook as they were when they asked for it. With WhatsApp, you can get the necessary information to them immediately, and keep them interested throughout the journey. 

Also, feeding your content through WhatsApp is far easier and more efficient than email. On WhatsApp, you can also add a link to your content to track how many people clicked on the content. It helps you track the reach of your content and analyze whether your content strategies are working or not.

WhatsApp is proving to be highly useful and reliable for universities, especially in developing countries where a majority of students don’t prefer emails. And HubSpot WhatsApp for universities can allow you to maximise your reach and potential to drive faster and higher sales, and keep your potential students thoroughly engaged! Take a look at how the tool looks in action.



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