INBOUND 2018: Anjali Sud's take on the Importance of Video Marketing

September 5, 2018 by Simran Sakshi

Video is where the art of storytelling and the science of marketing collide. This years’ INBOUND event at Boston had Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo, talking about the importance of video marketing.

She shared her struggles to become a leader. We have all faced adversity and dealt with rejections. Think of the battles you have survived. Keep going strong with confidence!

Do not be afraid of failures. Of showing vulnerabilities. Vulnerability is a sign of strength!

Practicing vulnerability and being self-aware brings confidence and helps to build more trust between people.

Her advice to the leaders of today:

  • Failure and overcoming of failure builds confidence and allows you to take the right risks
  • Becoming self-aware is important. You can’t proactively solve problems if you don’t acknowledge they exist
  • Being vulnerable and self-aware are positive leadership traits but this has to be coupled with focus and ruthless prioritization

She further went on to talk about businesses. The most important thing for a business is to create a positive impact on the community. And this is possible through great content focused on people.

Effective marketing requires you to be both analytical and creative. It requires a great storytelling!

The world of marketing is changing. Our consumers are becoming creators. If we want to reach them, if we want to move them, we need to become creators too!

The answer to this is Video Marketing!

80% of consumers want to see brands use more videos this year. So create content that people want to see and care about.

The marketing of tomorrow demands that we stop thinking in confined worlds. So, Go Video!!

You can also have access to the complete talk here!

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