INBOUND16 on Instagram

November 16, 2016 by Niswey

Continuing our trend, here we are again, with the coverage of INBOUND16 on Instagram.

Here are some of the images we feel capture the essence of this year’s INBOUND event.

Have a look.

Sun shine is right around the corner, let the festivities begin….

Seems like we’re not the only ones. INBOUND has gotten everyone excited.

#INBOUND16 was so hot, setting the social media on fire.

The Halloween spirit seems to have made its way to INBOUND16. Hi there Mr. President!!!!

And here’s Joanna Lord, showing off her pass. Even she can’t hide the excitement.

Alexia Vernon in action, discussing gender equality in her keynote.

All these featured speakers took to center stage, and we loved it.

Self-belief is important. Just ask Serena or better yet, read the highlights from her spotlight.

Didn’t make your own notes for Rand Fishkin’s great keynote. Don’t worry, just copy ours.

We sure do remember the swings from our childhood. Do you???

Great advice delivered by Sarah Cooper.

We learned a lot from Tim Urban’s great keynote. You could too, by reading about it.

Don’t blame him, even we laughed long and hard.

Anna Kendrick inspiring millions around the globe, with her talk and gorgeous smile.

A great quote for the marketers.

Nobody said it would easy, or else everyone would have done it.

First know your audience, to build your audience, we agree.

Our brand is future proof. Is yours???

Perfect way to cap off this year’s event, a keynote by Reshma Saujani.

ALL HAIL……..The Warriors Of INBOUND!!!!

Ahh!!! lucky fan…..took lifetime’s worth of precious memories with her.

What a week indeed…..

Is it just us or did Boston summon all its beauty to bid goodbye to INBOUND16?

So those were the highlights from INBOUND16 on Instagram. We had a lot of fun covering it.

But its over now and we can’t wait for next year. Till then, if you missed any of the sessions and spotlights, check out our page for more indepth coverage on INBOUND 2016.

Authored by Abhinav Dutta