Letter to an Inbound Marketer

April 24, 2016 by Suma EP

Dear friend,

Hope you’re somewhere in India living in angst. And dying, to make a living out of true inbound marketing, raring to be a true inbound marketer. Because where you are, right now, you don’t get to do that. And that’s the reason for the angst. You’re probably doing some bit of social, and ads, and SEO, but not given the freedom to experiment and evolve your lead generation process.

Ah, you sniggered? Is it because (wherever you are) lead generation is seen as something you do with advertising bucks? You’d rather do a mix of things, including advertising, to get the lead-gen engine going. But the people around you only like ads, so you get to do very little about the innumerable growth hacks you have thought of.

I like you already.

Sometimes you look around and get a little disappointed with the lack of great people to do content, or SEO. Even Ads. And what the heck about strategy? Does no one care?

And as you trawl the Internet, hanging out at inbound marketing communities and content marketing blogs, you see what you’re inspired to do. To use your brilliant brain to understand a client’s business and objectives, and see what you can do with inbound to meet those objectives. You know it’s hard, really hard work. But it’s going to be worth the while when traffic and engagement on the website climb the charts and leads make a steady inflow.

You know the great part of being an inbound marketer is that you can use your knowledge of content, SEO, social media, advertising, email marketing, analytics to come together in an optimal way to make the business goals happen. It’s connecting the dots like no one else can. It’s being able to work with a team of people to get the numbers go the right direction in a steep incline.

I opened this letter with a reference to your angst. I do believe that I have the answer to that angst. At Niswey, we are building an inbound marketing team that is a force to reckon with. Because most of us are aspiring to be full-stack marketers, and that means we end up learning from each other a lot. So if you know some tricks and hacks, and are dying to gloat, I have a team that will cheer you and give you a +1 for it. And hound you to help them apply to their clients’ digital presence. While you do the same with their hacks and tips.

We have clients who worry about the ad spends, who agonize over the numbers, prospects who are disillusioned by what goes about in the name of digital marketing largely. Our clients have tough questions that only an always-learning, continuously improving inbound marketer can answer. It is challenging and that’s because they have entrusted you with their business. Are you up to it? It is the likely answer to your angst.

Drop me a mail at sumaep [at] niswey [dot] com.

I will be looking out for it.