Positioning for Growth with Karla Morales-Lee

November 13, 2016 by Madhura Birdi

On the final day of INBOUND16, Karla Morales-Lee from Hunter & Farmer Ltd took the stage to talk about a market positioning strategy that helps agencies grow. She explained how to identify what makes your agency different, and how to use it for better marketing. In an over-saturated market, knowing how to position your agency for growth becomes essential to standing out from the crowd.

People in the audience were eager to hear from her:

According to Morales-Lee, the agencies that outperform others behave like brands. These “agency brands” identify a position among the 4 Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Place), and maintain it consistently.
To get to a stronger positioning, agencies should stop talking about what they do, and focus on why they do it instead.

She then moved on to how brand audits can be useful in helping agencies define their positioning and market themselves more effectively.
She then discussed some of the key lessons in agency positioning, which included several marketing gems, as well as some of our personal favorites:

Focusing in on a particular niche means more revenue, fewer competitors and quality clients.

Clearly there was so much to learn from this talk!
People were excited to go back and start trying out the stuff they had learned.

Check out her presentation understand more about her market positioning strategy.


So start your brand audit today! And do check out the rest of our INBOUND16 coverage here.