INBOUND2017 delivered one of the most anticipated keynotes on Wednesday morning. Former First Lady, or as she’d like to call herself Former First Spouse, Michelle Obama gave the audience an experience they’d never forget. The keynote, which was in an interview format, was conducted by the author of The New York Times best-selling essay collection Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay.

During the keynote, Michelle Obama discussed the importance of leadership and how fear is not a tool to lead with. She also mentioned how every failure is a stepping stone to becoming a stronger person.

An epitome of grace herself, Michelle stressed on the fact that life teaches you grace. That no matter how difficult a situation gets, or whatever life throws at you, be graceful and do not be afraid.

Roxane Gay asked questions about the transition from the White House after the 2016 US Election and how life has been since then. Michelle talked about her book and that has been therapeutic during this time. Michelle also discussed the importance of working with a collaborative team.

One of the greatest takeaways from Michelle Obama’s keynote is the significance of being true to yourself. The key to success is not trying to be what society or anyone else wants you to be, but to be 100% authentic.

The keynote covered quite a few topics, however most of them centered on loving yourself, being empathetic, and making your voice heard.

You can catch some of the keynote in this video right here:

This keynote was most definitely an inspirational one. You can catch the rest of the INBOUND17 action, with session recaps, insights, and sketches, right here.