Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing: A Session by Sahil Jain

November 10, 2016 by Deepak Bisht

Talking about marrying marketing automation with social advertising, Ad Stage’s CEO Sahi Jain presented arguably one of the most insightful and actionable sessions of INBOUND 16 for B2B marketers so far. We all have our fancy marketing automation software but most of us realize that they rely too heavily upon e-mail as a lead nurturing medium. In order to get past this hurdle, Sahil’s session focussed on how we can align marketing automation with social advertising to create a multi-channel lead nurturing process.

The classic layout, Start with Why!


“Only 2% of cold calls today result in a booked appointment.” – @sahilio #INBOUND16

— Robyn Showers (@Robyn_says) 9 November 2016

So, cold is not cool. You need to warm them, but how? How, if they have not signed up for your updates? How, if they don’t know who you are?

The answer:

You educated your prospects, great! This way you delivered value without asking for anything in exchange. Now, they are more receptive to content from you. According to @sahilio, it’s time to leverage your CRM/MA lists. Create custom audiences on social platforms where your target prospects are spending their time and influence them with social ads.

Finally, you can use dynamic retargeting to further amplify your lead nurturing process.

And just in case you think it will cost you much, he also suggested a method to make your targeting more efficient.

Yes, add exclusion targeting based on lifecycle stage (targeting blog subscribers with whitepapers/guide downloads, and excluding the ones who have already downloaded)

Finally, Sahil signed off expressing his gratitude!

Later in the day @adstage  uploaded the entire session in a slide deck which you can access right here!

Hope this brings you a little bit of the Boston action. Do check out our complete INBOUND16 coverage for more session recaps and curated social media feeds.