Being Not Shitty on the Internet by Tim Urban

November 21, 2016 by Deepak Bisht

Tim Urban, the co-founder of the famous blog Wait But Why talked about being not shitty on the internet at INBOUND16. And by the time he finished his session, he had inspired a lot of people to write good stuff in an engaging manner.

So, what did he talk about that left people so inspired? He basically talked about blogging. But, not the kind of blogging we see or do very often. He talked about writing stuff which engages the reader on an emotional level.

If you’re wondering what metrics will ensure that you are engaging with the reader on an emotional level, here’s your answer:

And, what can you expect as returns?

Now, you know the objective, the metric, and the returns. Let’s move on to the doing part. How you can create blog posts that take your email list from 300 to 27,000 subscribers (Lucy did it for Wait But Why).

How about thinking first?

Tim also shared three buckets full of topics to write about:

Bloggers often worry about the decreasing attention span of adults. Tim said, how about writing for babies?

He said that if you structure your posts like a fiction, people will read it irrespective of the length.

Tim also advised making content memorable.

And this one’s to all those who write blog posts (including myself):

Hubspot shared a section of Tim’s spotlight session which you can watch right here!


So, that was the recap of Tim Urban’s spotlight session at INBOUND16. If you’re looking for recaps of other inspiring sessions that happened at INBOUND16, check out our coverage page.