Persona Marketing: Niche is Nice! – Kevin Dean at INBOUND16

November 10, 2016 by Shrishti Jhamnani

WOW! Donald Trump really did hit the bull’s eye. Quite an amazing strategy on his part. Just target the right people. Go for persona marketing, create your persona profile, put all your effort into attracting that audience, and to everyone else, just say ‘Buzz off’. And did that work or what!

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the US election, INBOUND16 took off with an amazing session by Gary Vaynerchuk on November 8th.

However, this was just the beginning—there was a lot more in store for us on Day 2 of INBOUND16.

Day 2 was quite exhilarating for many reasons. There was a session by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan, and then there was also a great session titled ‘Persona Marketing: Niche is Nice‘ by Kevin Dean, CEO of ManoByte.

Kevin’s session was enlightening in so many ways. He shared some great tactics to build a persona. Here are some of the takeaways from the session:

Persona Marketing: A Two-Way Street

There is a person in ‘persona’. You need to think of your client to grow your brand. Think of the person you are trying to sell to.

Niche is Nice… and Important

With 120,000 marketing agencies out there, either you get lost amidst them or buck up. You cannot afford to waste your resources on getting only generic traffic; you need to go for niche marketing and stand out.

Are you ready to rock and roll? ??

Focus is the Key

There was a time when hard work was the key to success, but now focus and smart work are the keys.

Who Likes Stinky?

Simply eliminate the group not meant for you. It is just a waste of time and effort.

Explore the Untapped

Seriously. Why follow others? Treasure is found in the deepest of seas, which are usually untouched. So, what are you waiting for? Go where no one else is one is going—you might find something fishy. ??

Know Yourself

Exploring your customer isn’t enough. Explore yourself as well.

Stay in Sync with Your Customer

Mantra of the millennium. Think like your customer, speak so they understand and create a rapport. Your customer needs to be your best buddy.

Do I even need to say that the response to the session was overwhelming? People just couldn’t stop appreciating Kevin for the amazing session on persona marketing.

Touched by their enthusiasm, Kevin didn’t forget to thank them either.

In all, the session provided some answers that many marketing agencies, as well as individuals, were in search of. Focusing on persona marketing and creating an ideal buyer’s persona can really help you to stand apart from the crowd.

Stay in touch for more great content, and don’t forget to check our INBOUND16 Coverage, because this year we are going bananas with Inbound. ??