Courageous Creativity with Piera Gelardi INBOUND17

September 27, 2017 by Boris Poonia

After the first day of #INBOUND17 we were pretty excited for the first full day of the event.

And kicking it off in style was the Piera Gelardi INBOUND17 keynote. Piera happens to be the Executive Creative Director and co-founder of the award-winning digital media company, Refinery29. From her look to what she’s accomplished with Refinery29, it all screams creativity, so we were pretty excited for her keynote and turns out we were’t alone.

And then it finaly happened, the moment we’ve all been waiting for … yup, she made it to the main stage. Let the session commence!!

Before even going into her session, she introduced the notion of calling her office the “peach pit”. And every month she sits with “a bunch of different people, anyone from the company can sign up” and they discuss how to solve tough challenges and help each other come up with new ideas.

“We shake it out at the peach pit because play creates trust”

She then went on to describe how the media industry wasn’t catering properly to women. And she wanted to fix that with Refinery29 by “creating for a new generation of women”

Moving on, Piera then directed the audience through a simple exercise, to find internal strengths and be able to rely on these and turn them into “I am” statements so you can lean on these in times of need.

After sharing some of her past work experiences and how she used to deal with them, she then went on to share a few pointers on what she learned.

“Friction creates sparks”. And with their “No Apologies” collection of images they sure created some friction. But as she goes on to explain, it was that friction which made them recognizable from other brands. Their images were immediately identifiable and caught fire on social media because women could relate to these far more than the stock images being used in the industry.

Alas, all that’s good must come to an end. Piera rounded out her keynote by encouraging “Courageous Creativity”, because creativity is contagious and
“when you are courageously creative it creates more courageous creativity in the world.”

And to cap it all off, a photo shoot.

You can watch the full keynote here:

Well that’s all from Piera Gelardi’s keynote at INBOUND17. If you would like to check out our entire coverage of INBOUND17, including the other keynotes and sessions, do check out our INBOUND17 page.