Serena Williams' INBOUND16 Spotlight

November 11, 2016 by Sannidhya Baweja

After waiting for almost 25 minutes in anticipation, when the Serena Williams‘ INBOUND16 Spotlight finally started, people could hardly contain their excitement.

To make the wait more bearable, the INBOUND16 team started a pop quiz for the audience.

But that didn’t help much as some didn’t agree with the options on screen.

Finally they came up with the solution of distributing tennis balls signed by Serena herself.

And more Balls !

Finally, host Michael Strahan and Serena Williams walked up on the stage and the much awaited spotlight started.

Michael started the discussion with Serena’s views on dedication and talent, to which Serena elegantly replied,

“It’s not about being natural, it’s about nurturing and growing your talents”

Personal Relations

Serena talked about her sister Venus, who has been supportive of her at all times. Both of them have a high level of understanding.

Just like every other siblings, Venus and Serena are very competitive with each other.

When asked about her mom, she replied that she is still scared of her and told everyone about the mean backhand her mom has.

On Court
Serena admitted that she is very intense when she is on court as that’s her life. According to her, you must be serious with your job.

Event after 22 Grand Slam victories, Serena still gets nervous before any game.


Serena doesn’t keep track of her trophies and achievements, which is the reason she still has that hunger to perform better and be better than yesterday. That’s one hell of a motivational trick anyone can give you.

Don’t you agree?

Serena opened up about her stand on the sexism in sports. She strongly condemned the use of the term “Greatest Female Athlete”.

Serena tends to keep her goals very high, as there is nothing to lose. She believes that higher goals would keep you motivated and keep you out of the league as well.

Fun Facts

In her free time she is just like one of us. She shared a story where she once didn’t get out of her bed for 36 hours and ordered pizzas from Dominos.

Serena loves running her own social media account all by herself because that’s the medium according to her which helps athlete showcase their fans who they really are?

As an endnote Serena advised everyone to never stop trying, as the minute you stop trying you’re giving up on yourself and stay humble to everyone around you.

I hope you now feel empowered enough to include these tips and tricks in your life whenever you face challenges and failures.

This is just one of the many INBOUND spotlights that we are tracking this year. If you aren’t in Boston, make sure you keep up with all the action at our INBOUND16 coverage!