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A Design Feedback Process That Works

You’ve prepared your final design and sent it to the client for review. You expect that they’ll request a couple of tweaks here and there before they

Top 8 Chrome Extensions for Designers

When it comes to designing websites, Chrome extensions can make your life a little easier. From selecting which font to use for a website to

Design Checklist for a Pixel Perfect Website

An idea is only the beginning. While starting a new project, there is a certain excitement. A need and a want to innovate, to bring something new to

Data Driven Web Design for Beginners

Have you ever had a client walk into your office wanting his website redone? The client has no clue where his website is going wrong. It’s designed
7 phases web design process

7 Phases of Web Design Process

What is the best time to get the web design reviewed by the client? Am I following the best web design process? We are going in too many

4 Websites for Free Graphic Design Resources

Ever had to submit a design to the client, with the clock ticking away too fast? What do you do? Will you sit down and start a tedious design process
Lead Generation through Gestalt Design Principles

Lead Generation through Gestalt Design Principles

“The whole is other than the sum of the parts.” – Kurt Koffka Everyone knows that design is subjective; what you like may not be preferred by someone

How Design Helps Drive ROI for Your Business

Design isn’t just some pretty pictures or colorful graphics; design is a creative solution to any problem. The way your thumb moves in order to

What’s Wrong with UX Designers of Facebook and Twitter (and What’s Right!)

Have you ever noticed the profile page layouts of Facebook, Instagram (web), Twitter,    LinkedIn and Flickr? Before I dig in deeper and try to make