The Heroine’s Journey by Justine Musk at INBOUND 2015

September 11, 2015 by Nilanjana Dey

We all love stories. It is possibly one of the most relate-able pieces of content, something that we  find very familiar. Every childhood lesson was learnt through fables and fairy tales.

But we have mostly viewed stories as belonging to someone else. The hero, the protagonist, the character; it was always their story. We have hardly ever thought about “my story”, the one that we build for ourselves.

Justine Musk talked about the kind of stories, both good and bad, that we end up telling and why they are important:

“False stories make us smaller and smaller and numb us. We become a story not being told.” @justinemusk @INBOUND #INBOUND15

— Carina Lukasch (@carinalukasch) September 10, 2015

She also talked about the issues of debt and depression, things that people do not like to talk about.

These become stories that are never told. She touched upon the role of the ‘victim’ and how often people tend to permanently cast someone in that role.

We talk about victim as a chosen role instead of a temporary thing (especially as victims are usually women) – @justinemusk #INBOUND15

— Jenn Hirsch (@JenniferJHirsch) September 10, 2015

The most powerful takeaway from her session was what she had to say about passion. You will require a bit of soul searching to answer her question :

We hope you will be able to find an answer this question for yourself. And once you have that, there would be no stopping your story from becoming an epic.