Getting Our Story Straight : with Lisa Gerber

September 27, 2017 by Nilanjana Dey

Stories are what we grew up on and today, as marketers, stories are what drive our brands. Lisa Gerber, the founder of Big Leap Creative, chose to focus her INBOUND17 session on this very fact, and provide key insights on how to use storytelling for marketing.
As a testament to the fact that everyone loves stories, the session was jam-packed.

As marketers, we are trained to factor in search engines into all decisions, especially content. So that is where Lisa starts, stating that every search is a problem that a real person faces, and hence an opportunity for us to solve that problem, and get found.

Then Lisa dives into why is it that stories are important. She emphasizes the point that great stories make us feel, provoke emotions, and hence have the power to influence action. And that is why it makes absolute sense to use storytelling for marketing.

And because stories are all about emotions, what we need to craft a great story is empathy. If you are able to truly be in someone’s shoes, you know their story, and you can tell their story. And once you get that story right, it’s more powerful than any stats you can quote.

Next up, Lisa had a few more tips to creating great content:

  • Get your protagonist right. And it’s not you!
  • Give away the happy ending

And finally, you are in the game when you can match your great stories to where your customers are in their buyer’s journey. Once your customers start coming across your stories at the right time, you are well on your way to getting conversions, and eventually, loyal customers.

So that’s what Lisa Gerber had to say about leveraging the power of stories and use storytelling for marketing. What do you think? Are you telling your stories the right way?
Quick parting note: Like the past two years, this year too we are pulling off a remote coverage on INBOUND 17. Stay tuned for all our session recaps, insights, and sketches over the week, and check out coverage to find all things INBOUND17.
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