How HubSpot+WhatsApp for Real Estate Can Aid Your Business Growth

June 24, 2020 by Anoushka Mudgil

Isn’t it interesting how your real estate prospects reply at different speeds on different channels—slow on email, but quickly on WhatsApp?

No wonder then that WhatsApp is emerging as one of the most favorite tools for real estate business. From a manager’s perspective however, using WhatsApp for real estate means losing visibility and control over agents’ communication with prospects. What you need is an integrated CRM for real estate agents, that can effectively log all conversations at one place. 

Enter Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration. It makes use of the HubSpot CRM to effectively view, record and even send messages on WhatsApp. With one single WhatsApp number, your multiple users team can use HubSpot to communicate with your prospects at different times! 

In this blog, we take an in-depth look at how this real estate marketing tool can enable your business growth.

Benefits of Using HubSpot+WhatsApp for Real Estate

Boost Your Sales

Real estate sales are down over the world because of the pandemic. It’s now more important than ever for you to have many more conversations, quickly, and yet not lose track of a single lead. Any lead that falls through the cracks means lost potential revenue. 

So if you are having conversations on WhatsApp for sales, then the chances of losing track of leads are high. But you can stop that right away with Niswey’s Hubspot+WhatsApp Integration!

With this simple integration, you can

  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Track all conversations 
  • Never lose a lead

Also, it is an easy-to-use tool. Your team members need not be tech-savvy to use it.

Provide Real Estate Advice to More Leads

You have a wealth of great real estate advice to offer to your prospects and customers. And you can use WhatsApp to go about it. But with a large number of leads in your pipeline, it is quite possible to lose track of your conversations with them. Lack of response, talking out of context, or handling a deal by another sales agent can put you in a difficult situation. And you might end up losing your leads. 

Using HubSpot+WhatsApp enables you to track all these conversations within HubSpot on their contact timelines. And you can keep sharing property related advice and customized information for each of your prospects.

Retain Your Tenants

Retaining clients, especially tenants, is crucial for your business. And the best way to retain them is by providing quality customer support.

WhatsApp is a perfect channel for customer support because it is fast, and customers are likely to be comfortable chatting with your team there. But if you only use WhatsApp, it greatly limits your power as a manager, not allowing you the visibility of whether customer complaints were resolved, and how. 

Instead, using WhatsApp with HubSpot gives you a clear advantage, enabling you to:

  • Monitor the problem solved by different customer support reps
  • Track messages and replies on the contact timelines in HubSpot
  • Create customer support tickets according to the content of the messages
  • Create HubSpot workflows to automate messages on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp API 

With the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration, you can leverage the combined power of HubSpot and WhatsApp to boost your sales, as well as provide a quality customer experience. Take a look at how the tool looks in action:


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