When you get a heartache…

February 1, 2016 by Suma EP

Sometimes we get heartaches because of clients who we think are being unreasonable to us.

The team working for the client works patiently, diligently, scurrying here and there to make it to all deliverables. Then when that doesn’t happen, the client gets impatient, and then work happens in a disheartened, disengaged manner. After that it’s just plain fatigue and nothing goes right.

So, as an agency, we thought we should quit. And we tried to, also. But here was a client who clearly sees value in us despite us not delivering as per their expectations. They just refused to let go.

And we decided that since we hadn’t delivered what we had promised, let’s just figure out how to make this work.

The biggest issue was the client had wanted us to take on their entire marketing activity, offline, online and everything in between. We were not ready for that. We went through the scope and brought it down to what we were best at, and what we were supposed to deliver on. The idea was that they would set up an in-house team to support activities they could directly influence and had the resources to manage, while we simply focused on online marketing initiatives.

The client was not ready to accept it, at first. But with regular conversations and meetings, we came to a win-win situation. While we kept doing and delivering what we had agreed upon. Of course it wasn’t a perfect hit, but we are getting better.

Today, the client’s happier. We are definitely happier. And there are plans to make 2016 a super duper lead generation year!