INBOUND18 is On and We’re Excited!

September 4, 2018 by Suma EP

Hello INBOUND18 peeps!

Out of the HubSpot Partner Day session and boy are we excited or what!!

We have had the Service hub and Conversations kicking in through last year. So we were eager to see what’s up next, and HubSpot didn’t disappoint. There are bunch of announcements that make HubSpot all the more valuable for businesses of all sizes.

A few that stood out for us were:

  • Advanced reporting now included in Pro and Enterprise.
  • Content partitioning announced for Enterprise
  • Different content types that can be segmented for teams
  • Call transcription and recording in Sales
  • Data import being made easy
  • Videos in Service hub

And this is just the beginning. INBOUND18 has marketers from across the globe, a bunch of brilliant minds with some of the exciting tips, tricks, lessons, and stories to share.

We are looking forward to:

Products from other companies. We have already attended a session by Accelo, and that is looking like a great product for agencies to explore. It is a product in what is being called the ServOps space.

Meeting with agencies from across the world, exchanging notes, discussing challenges and learning from each other. We have already met agencies from US, Denmark, Switzerland and Australia.

Meeting people from the HubSpot community with whom we’ve only connected on Facebook groups, emails, Zoom calls, or Slack. We also bumped into a client, who is a marketing consultant for several companies, at a side event. That was exciting. More of that is slated to happen over the next four days.

The sessions! There are 333 of them, so one’s got to choose carefully and register. There’s a new interesting thread of a few sessions that are going to talk about authenticity, truth, kindness, nobility and self leadership. That’s a nice thread to explore, don’t you think, in this era of gamification and lies that are now part of the marketing fabric, unfortunately.

Meeting the APAC partner community. Last year the agencies from India and South East Asia, were just a handful. This time we already know it is much much bigger. Many will be new to the community and eager to learn from the others. And we will be sharing our stories with them.

The parties! We are signed for a client’s cocktails, an agency cocktails get together, and a APAC partner drinks and dinner. But that’s just scratching the tip of the iceberg…because everyday there are so many parties happening, one is left wondering where to be.

So we are gearing up for three days of learning, partying, and finding joy in interacting with the community.

But amidst all this, we are also excited to bring you everything that’s on at INBOUND18 – sessions, videos, tweets and more. Follow the event from anywhere in the world with our remote coverage of INBOUND2018 .