Abhinav Sahai Featured in Careers360

July 14, 2014 by Suma EP

New Delhi, India – 14 July, 2014: Niswey’s COO, Abhinav Sahai, was featured as one of the industry experts in Careers360’s feature on Social Media Marketing (SMM). The write-up covered the basics of taking up SMM as a profession, what to expect both in terms of the work and market salaries. 

Because SMM is one of the new careers that emerged with the rise of digital marketing, the current crop of freshers are highly curious about what it entails. And in the absence of any formal course on ‘how to become a social media marketer’, industry experts are the best source of information. 

The feature brought together social media experts like Sanjay mehta, Joint CEO at Social Wavelength, Sandeep Maiti, CEO at Experience Commerce, and Abhinav Sahai, COO at Niswey. They shared their outlook on pursuing SMM as a career, what are brands looking to achieve on social media, and the educational backgrounds that somewhat align with the profession. 

Abhinav emphasized on some key traits that come in handy for any aspiring social media marketer. “An analytical bent is very important. When we hire for our company, we look for people who understand social media as a tool, much more than just connecting with friends.” he said. He also pointed out that while traditional PR or advertising backgrounds are not really helpful for SMM, being a ‘good communicator’ is non-negotiable. 

About Niswey

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