Niswey COO Abhinav Sahai Featured in Indipreneur

March 15, 2014 by Suma EP

New Delhi, India – 13 March, 2014: Niswey’s COO Abhinav Sahai was featured on Indipreneur, where he was recently interviewed for his journey as an entrepreneur, as well as the lessons learnt from the struggles. 

Indipreneur is a platform for independent creative entrepreneurs, and aims to help aspiring Indian entrepreneurs follow their passion, and create unique enterprises.

Abhinav Sahai was approached for an interview regarding his motivation and life as an entrepreneur following his viral blog on “flat, marriage and family”. 

On being asked what was the motivation behind starting Niswey, Abhinav Sahai said, “The underlying motivation has been the ignorance that prevails in the country about digital marketing and what it can actually achieve. The fluffy work that’s being done by a lot of organizations/agencies has been another key factor that’s kept me motivated. Also, I must mention here, the motivation behind building a product/service is completely different from the motivation behind being an entrepreneur.” 

In his entrepreneur journey, Abhinav has learnt several lessons, the most important ones being “There is no better feeling than building a *profitable* business from bootstrapped money” and “Choosing the right set of people in your team”.

And, on being asked for his advice to all the other budding entrepreneurs, he had two things to say:

  • First, you *really* need to answer the question “Why do I want to be an entrepreneur?” Ask yourself, “What happens when I succeed?” Important to note, ‘When’ and not ‘If’. Till the time you find a convincing answer, keep asking. Once you find the answer, you will find that your energy levels will change, maybe your approach as well and you will start seeing things which you’ve never seen or even imagined before!
  • Second, perseverance. It is a constant, sustainable ‘long term effort’ that makes an entrepreneur/business successful. So you don’t have a choice, you *HAVE* to persevere till you succeed. Persevere your own self, your partners, your employees, your clients, your would be hirings, your family, your life partner, everyone!

About Niswey

Niswey is a digital marketing firm based in New Delhi, India. Niswey specializes in offering inbound marketing solutions, account based marketing, and content marketing services. Niswey has served clients across various industries. Among its key clients have been: Intel, Yahoo, Microsoft, SHEROES, Srijan Technologies, NIIT Technologies, Motherson Invenzen XLab, Airtel and others. The Niswey team comprises a diverse mix of professionals – trained as writers, graphics designers, engineers, UX specialists, inbound marketing specialists and more. Niswey is a HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) Silver partner, the leading inbound marketing tool as well as partners with Terminus, the leading ABM tool. For more information, please visit