Agency Backstage Pass Podcast Features Abhinav Sahai

February 4, 2018 by Suma EP

New Delhi, India – 4 February, 2018: The latest episode of Clodagh Higgins’ Agency Backstage Pass podcast features Abhinav Sahai, COO at Niswey. The episode went through a lot of the common elements in the lives of entrepreneurs and agency owners-productivity, project management, using tools, strategizing and more.

The Agency Backend Pass podcast, led by agency coach Clodagh S. Higgins, is a great resource for marketers. By bringing in marketers and agency owners from different organizations, the podcast helps put together the best-practices and solutions to tackle agency challenges. 

Abhinav Sahai is the COO of Niswey, an inbound marketing services and white label marketing services agency based in New Delhi. A chance meeting with Clodagh at INBOUND2017 is what led to him joining the podcast and sharing his agency’s story.

The episode shared some history on Niswey, how it started, and how different people from clients to partners came in at different points in the journey to help their growth. Abhinav also talked about the importance of knowing the ‘why’ of anything. “Whether it’s deciding to work with a particular client, or hiring someone, or prioritizing a set of tasks, knowing why we are doing it just makes the decision easier,” says Abhinav. 

He also focussed on the importance of using specific tools to simplify specific tasks. They save time and ensure that the work is just more accurate. He covered a range of tools being used at Niswey, from Ahrefs to Asana, and a tool that they are building for marketers, Irayo.

Abhinav and Clodagh both also bonded over organizing their day, and life, on Google Calendar. Blocking time for different tasks can truly clear up the day of marketers and agency owners, and help them properly value their time. 

About Niswey

Niswey is a digital marketing firm based in New Delhi, India. Niswey specializes in offering inbound marketing solutions, account based marketing, and content marketing services. Niswey has served clients across various industries. Among its key clients have been: Intel, Yahoo, Microsoft, SHEROES, Srijan Technologies, NIIT Technologies, Motherson Invenzen XLab, Airtel and others. The Niswey team comprises a diverse mix of professionals – trained as writers, graphics designers, engineers, UX specialists, inbound marketing specialists and more. Niswey is a HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) Silver partner, the leading inbound marketing tool as well as partners with Terminus, the leading ABM tool. For more information, please visit