Niswey: A Silver Certified SharpSpring Agency

September 27, 2016 by Sannidhya Baweja

We are thrilled to announce that Niswey is now a  Silver-Certified SharpSpring Agency!
sharpspring silver certified
No doubt we are happy to have earned the badge of a certified SharpSpring agency, but we are happier at the thought of what this means for our clients. Being a SharpSpring agency means that we now ‘officially’ have the expertise to help our clients with all their marketing automation needs.

Sharpspring is an easy-to-use marketing automation tool that lets you map your visitors across all online touchpoints, and leverage user behavior to your advantage. From tracking interested visitors, to segmenting users based on intent, to running successful ABM campaigns, there’s a lot that marketing automation can achieve for your business.

We are already running ambitious ABM campaigns for some of our clients, and helping them build an online presence that is highly focussed on increasing conversions. We are also able to bring in a greater degree of personalization in the way our clients communicate with their audience. From personalized, intent-based emails to dynamic landing pages, there’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s possible. And the best part is that every single action is extremely data driven, with reports and analytics, that help clients take faster, better decisions.

Marketing automation is the next step to accelerating your business growth. And as a SharpSpring agency, our clients can now choose an automation platform that is intelligent and efficient.

If you are looking to fully understand what marketing automation can do for your business, we have curated list of marketing automation blogs that can walk you through the process. And if you are already convinced about what marketing automation can do for your business, you could dive right in.

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