Niswey CEO Suma EP Takes A Seminar On Blockchain Technology

September 22, 2018 by Simran Sakshi

New Delhi, India – 20 September, 2018: Niswey’s CEO Suma EP was one of the speakers at the 3rd National Seminar on Blockchain Technology organized at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Her talk was centered around how Blockchain can be used in Marketing.

In her talk, Suma explained how she found the practices at Blockchain similar to the ones in Inbound Marketing. And how blockchain can help marketers target their solutions better to a particular group of people, at the same time ensuring transparency, trust and security.

Suma EP, CEO Niswey, said, “Blockchain Technology ensures an easy targeting for marketers, but it will be tougher now to engage and please the target market with content.

What this is leading to is that Digital marketing has now peterred down into people becoming experts in marketing automation, SEO, email marketing, etc. But they have forgotten what basic marketing is about. Things like figuring out the business model, identifying persona, profile, pain points, how best to serve the customers have taken a backseat in a drive to become experts in digital marketing. I believe that blockchain will eventually bring back marketing into digital marketing, that’s my big hope for blockchain.” 

You can also watch the complete video of the session below:


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