Adulting – Episode 4

June 3, 2020 by Nilanjana Dey

adultingMost of our childhood is spent dreaming about the day when we become ‘grown-ups’ and can live our lives by our own rules. But once we step into the world of ‘adulting’, things don’t seem all rosy anymore.

What with all the new responsibilities and challenges that get thrown our way, things tend to get a bit overwhelming.

You know, stuff like managing your house, paying your bills, getting groceries, setting up your bank account, dealing with the finances, and so on. The list never seems to end!

But is adulting really all work and no play?

To answer that question, I, Nilanjana, the host of Vitra, invite Simran Sakshi, Content Marketer at Niswey, to take the guest seat and explore all about becoming adults. We talk about the first time we moved out of the house to live on our own, how we coped with the stressors of managing a house, and other adulting adventures that now make us appreciate our parents even more.

We end this episode with a discussion about what qualifies all of us to be successful at ‘Adulting’! 

So put on your headphones and go give this episode a listen. And let us know how often you found yourself laughing, or nodding along, relating to our journeys! 

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