Culture of Change – Episode 2

May 20, 2020 by Nilanjana Dey
Culture of change guest

How many times have we heard the phrase – ‘Change is the only constant’, and brushed it off as just being a cliche? One too many right? 

But is it really just a cliche? Or does it speak volumes about the nature of life that we all lead? One that requires all of us to adapt and thrive in the culture of change!

Considering the current predicament of a global pandemic, which has placed most of us under house-arrest, it would be wise to say that maybe ‘change’ is in fact here to stay. And so, the only thing we all can do is be open to and prepared for these changes. 

And that’s all this episode is about! How we all deal with continuous change, and how we all can learn to cope with them, and maybe even make the best out of its consequences. 

As the world navigates through a significant moment of realisations, introspections and evolution driven by a pandemic, I invite Suma E.P., CEO Niswey to share her thoughts on the topic of ‘Culture of Change’. After all, she has evolved and transformed herself multiple times over the course of her life in the face of drastic shifts and vicissitudes.

So give this episode a listen and find out what exactly is ‘culture of change’, and how staying authentic to yourself gives you the opportunity to successfully navigate change.

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