(Un)Following Your Passion – Episode 6

June 17, 2020 by Nilanjana Dey

following your passion speakerHow many of us have seen ‘3 Idiots’ or ‘Gully Boy’, only to dream of the day when we too will dare to quit our traditional jobs and follow our true passion?

But here’s the thing…what happens after that point? There is persistence and hard work and risks and a whole lot of other tough choices to make.

Are you ready for that? Or is un-following your passion the right answer sometimes?

That’s exactly what this episode is all about!

I, Nilanjana, the host of Vitra, sit down with Rajat Taneja, a Niswey alumni, who dared to quit his traditional job to chase his passion for writing. Now a successful writer at FilterCopy, Rajat talks about his struggles that brought him to a place where he has been able to make a career out of his one-true love, and even still, why he craves for more.

Sprinkled with humorous one-liners, tales of lying to his parents, and a slightly off-topic advice on how to get into B-school, this episode has it all! And through our conversation, we also shed light on why following your passion might just be slightly overrated in popular culture, and how ‘(un)following your passion’ can sometimes actually be the road to your happiness!

So give this episode a listen and let us know if it motivated you to look beyond the rosy world created on the movie screens, and actually consider what it really takes to dive into the deep end!

Time Stamps:

2:12 –  Rajat’s journey till now

4:53 – Quick tip on how to get into Business school

6:55 – Influence of 3 Idiots and other movies that romanticize the idea of following one’s passions

9:20 – Dealing with parent’s and societal expectations 

14:58 – Switching from one passion to another

16:30 – Risk appetite, and how it influences your journey of following your passion

23:15 – Putting your work out in the world and welcoming criticism

34:09 – Following or un-following your passion

38:14 – Summary and conclusion


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