Personal and Professional Goals – Episode 3

May 27, 2020 by Nilanjana Dey

personal and professional goalsIn our current capitalistic society, where money, markets, and businesses have come to take precedence over other aspects, it comes as no surprise that many individuals completely sideline their personal goals.

But have you ever wondered if personal and professional goals could be achieved together?

The main reason why people don’t think of such a possibility is because of this ‘distinction’ created in their own heads. Maybe it’s not about personal vs professional; maybe it’s just about looking at them as plain old goals!

And this episode is just about that! Breaking the binary, being authentic in all landscapes, looking at motivations holistically, and feeding one’s soul while satisfying the ‘Productivity God’. All this and more is discussed in this episode of Vitra.

I – Nilanjana – the host of Vitra, sit down with Deepak Bisht, Inbound Marketing Specialist, Niswey to discuss our goals in life, how bringing personal aspirations into the professional setting can be transformational, and how businesses can gain from creating supportive environments for their employees. This episode is made for the ‘old souls’ who wish to live life purposefully while staying true to themselves. 

So go ahead and check this episode out to gain some insight into creating a life where goals don’t contradict, but rather help evolve one another! 

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