Sales Target 2020: Achieved!

Using Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration, Anahuac Mayab University reduced its sales life cycle significantly, and achieved their 2020 sales target by the end of 2019!

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About the University

Universidad Anahuac Mayab or Anahuac Mayab University, Mexico is one of the leading universities in Mexico, with more than 50 campuses all around the country.

Key Highlights

After Anahuac Mayab University started using Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration,

  • The sales cycle reduced to 1-2 days from 2 weeks

  • The lead conversion increased by 300%

  • Leads started replying within hours instead of 1-2 weeks


Anahuac Mayab University Mexico is one of the leading universities in Mexico. They have been using HubSpot for sales and marketing for a while now. Here’s a summary video of how the HubSpot+WhatsApp solution helped them.



Key Challenges Faced Before The Integration

Lack of Response from Students

Fabricio’s team runs Google and Facebook ads to target prospective students. But the leads generated would take a long time to reply, or not reply at all when contacted via email. “There was definite interest in our courses. It was baffling that they weren’t replying,” says Fabricio.  

Some of the sales reps started to reach out to the leads via WhatsApp, by picking up numbers from HubSpot CRM. They started getting responses and sign-ups for the university courses.

No Visibility into Sales Conversations

The key issue here was that the team lost visibility into what was happening with each lead once the conversation moved out from HubSpot. They couldn’t tell if the leads had been sent the right information, in a timely manner.

Also, the entire process of locating the phone number and then entering it on the sales person’s phone was tedious and error-prone. 

That’s when they started looking for a tool that could integrate HubSpot with WhatsApp. They saw the demos of some tools before they explored Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration

They decided to opt for Niswey’s integration for the following reasons:

  • It solved their use case admirably

  • It was really easy to use

  • It didn’t require the user to have the phone with them all the time

“We could carry on all WhatsApp conversations via HubSpot. So we aren’t dependent on a phone anymore,” says Fabricio. 

Niswey set up the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration for Fabricio’s team in October 2019. They started with one license and quickly added two more.


Benefits From The HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration

An Easy-to-use Tool


Fabricio and his team are happy with the integration’s Dashboard feature. It gives them a holistic view of sales and marketing activities through WhatsApp, so it becomes easier to track, monitor, and manage leads. According to Fabricio, this tool is essential for sales and marketing managers who use HubSpot and WhatsApp. 

Shorter Sales Cycle and Better Lead Conversion Rate

Before the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration came into play, the team was getting only 50-65% of the minimum number of students required to start a course, the sales cycle time was longer. So it would often be challenging to start a course. But once they integrated their HubSpot CRM with WhatsApp,

  • The sales cycle reduced to 1-2 days from 2 weeks

  • The lead conversion increased by 300%

  • Leads started replying within hours instead of 1-2 weeks

Since the university is reputed, all the team needed was to have effective communication with them, instead of branding. And, that is happening now, with the help of Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration tool. The tool enables them to send the right information—regarding programs, courses, and the registration and payment processes—at the right time.


Multiple Sales Representatives on a Single Integration Account

With Niswey’s HubSpot+WhatsApp integration, multiple salespersons—as many as you want—can use the tool by buying only one license.  

How did Fabricio take the leap of faith to use this integration? “I wasn’t sure at first as I didn’t know about Niswey. So I took a risk, and it has turned out to be so profitable for us!” says Fabricio. “If I don’t use the tool for a day, that is the day we lose students!”

Fabricio is also happy with the technical support. If there are technical snags or any bugs, they report it to the Niswey team. And they are addressed before the next workday starts for Anahuac Mayab University!


Way Forward

As the university’s sales and marketing team usage of the tool is growing, there are new feature requests being made to Niswey. These requests are now part of the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration roadmap and will be released over the next few months.

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