Email Sequences and Automatic WhatsApp Message Sender

December 14, 2020 by Anoushka Mudgil

Your customers receive a lot of emails everyday. You could be sending them important information on completing a sign up process, package details they requested or an appointment confirmation message. When you send important information on email, there is a high chance they miss that email and probably never see or open it, even if they want to! What if you could send a personalized reminder messages to your customer about the email they missed on WhatsApp? 

With the WhatsApp Automation tool, you can send automated WhatsApp reminders to your contacts using the HubSpot Workflows. You can recreate your email sequence in a Workflow and along with emails, you also get the option to send automated WhatsApp messages. Here’s a video on how to set up a series of emails and WhatsApp messages using the HubSpot Workflow.

To avail this use case on WhatsApp for your business, you’ll first need the following: 

You can then set up a series of automatic emails and WhatsApp reminders based on specific triggers for your customers from within your HubSpot account while everything gets tracked and remains visible to your entire team on the WhatsApp Automation dashboard and the HubSpot contact timelines. 

To know more use cases and understand the capabilities of the WhatsApp automation tool, feel free to check out our tutorial videos. And for more information on the integration tool, please visit our website or book a demo.