How to Auto-create Support Tickets with HubSpot+WhatsApp

January 22, 2021 by Anoushka Mudgil

The HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration lets you automate a few processes on your HubSpot account if you are using a HubSpot Professional or above plan. Automations can be programmed using the Workflow feature of HubSpot.

Suppose you have integrated your support phone number with HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration and you wish to create support tickets for new queries or new WhatsApp messages received. You can select the most frequently used keywords (by your customers) and set them as triggers on the Workflow. As for an action, you can create a ticket in your support pipeline – all automatically.

Here’s a video of how you can set up this automation using workflows within your HubSpot account. Follow these steps to make your support process quicker and more efficient.


For this automation, you will need the following:

To know more use cases and understand the capabilities of the WhatsApp automation tool, feel free to check out our tutorial videos. And for more information on the integration tool, book a demo with us.